Stormzero Consulting

Stormzero Consulting

Information Technology, Internet Infrastructure, and Emergency Management

Information Technology

We have extensive experience designing, deploying, and maintaining scalable enterprise systems and network services in challenging environments.

Core Internet Infrastructure

We have successfully designed, developed, and operated Internet exchange points (IXPs) and other core Internet services in complex market ecosystems.

Emergency Management and Disaster Response

We are experts in Whole Community emergency management and disaster response. Our in-house Disaster Communications Team can be rapidly deployed on demand.
Eight Days and One Letter
Just eight days ago, I wrote about the beginning of the recovery phase of #HurricaneHarvey, the "H" hurricane.  Today, I write about the "I" hurricane,...
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Bastrop County Recovery Begins
The eastern portion of Bastrop County TX was hard hit by #HurricaneHarvey and the recovery phase is just beginning.  That means volunteers, donations, food and...
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Bastrop County & #HurricaneHarvey
Rain gauges show portions of Bastrop County TX with up to 18" of rain yesterday. More is due today. Shelter in place if you can....
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We want to provide you with some information about preparedness and where to get information about #HurricaneHarvey.  I live in Bastrop County, TX, just east...
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APCO 2017
On Tuesday, Rebecca Williams and I are presenting "Whole Community Digital Communications Planning" and "The Proper Tool is Everything: Affordable Social Media Tools" at #APCO2017....
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It’s what we do
About an hour ago, as I was getting ready to hem my skirt and my husband's pants for my daughter's wedding six days from now,...
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Remembering Sandy
In researching information for a grant we're writing, I had the opportunity to review articles and documentation from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.  Just two...
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Synthesizing Important Info to Fit a Poster
I've never put together a poster presentation. I've always presented at sessions, with PPT slides as my guide. So, when my proposal to present "The...
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